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Layoff-Aid Interview Process

Standard Interview Process

Best for experienced candidates who... got laid off are working full-time
Interviews generally last... 1 - 3 weeks 3 - 30+ weeks
In-person interviews per firm 1 - 5 business days 1 - 2 business days
Time to apply to many top opportunities 1 Minute Hours / Weeks / Months
Ability to filter out companies that have laid off employees High Normal

Candidate Eligibility

You're a startup techie affected by downsizing. We're helping you find your next opportunity, quickly.

  • You've got tech startup experience.
  • You've been down-sized by a VC-backed startup.
  • You're actively seeking SF startup opportunities.
  • You can respond quickly and meet employers in-person.
  • You have sparkling references.

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