FAQ for Candidates

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About Layoff-Aid Process

How does Layoff-Aid work for candidates?

We take your info and send you out to founders, hiring managers, and in-house recruiters across our exclusive network of growing, stable employers that are actively hiring in your area. Once you become a Layoff-Aid candidate (applying takes just a minute!), companies will reach out to you directly if they think there may be a fit.

About Layoff-Aid Companies

How do I know Layoff-Aid companies are good?

They meet our eligibility requirements, as a start. Generally speaking, our companies are growing San Francisco tech startups with funding from top investors and incubators like Y Combinator. Potential employers include companies like Flexport, Dropbox, Coinbase, eShares, Square, Airbnb, Udacity, SoFi, Legalist, Snapdocs, Doximity, Plangrid, Human API, and Code for America, among others, and we're actively adding hiring partners so our candidates always have timely access to current opportunities.

Will you send my information to headhunters / staffing firms / placement agencies?

No. We only work with founders, hiring managers and in-house recruiters that are hiring directly ("principals").

Do you have direct relationships with your hiring companies?

Yes. We anticipate that layoffs will unfortunately continue to be a part of the startup ecosystem for the foreseeable future, so we've proactively building a network of hiring companies for the benefit of good people who get affected by layoffs at any time.

Have your hiring companies done layoffs recently?

We hope not. We want to discourage companies from doing layoffs, so we manually filter out potential employers that have downsized anytime in the least 3 years.

Are Layoff-Aid companies able to sponsor visas?

Maybe. We specifically ask about visa status because we understand that people who have been laid off and are in the U.S. on visas may have a critically time-sensitive search to find a new sponsor. We will do everything we can to get you in front of companies which can sponsor you and we will give priority status to your candidacy however we can.

About Layoff-Aid Eligibility

Can you help me find a new position if I didn’t get laid off?

Someday. For the time being, we’re working exclusively with tech candidates who have been laid off from VC-backed startups and are actively considering new positions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to hear when we expand!

My startup got acquired, and the new parent company didn't hire me. Am I eligible?


I was terminated for fit/performance reasons. Am I eligible?

No, unfortunately. As much as we'd like rhyming "fire-hire," our current focus is helping candidates affected by layoffs from startups which have down-sized.

I'm a strong candidate and I don't need help drumming up interviews. Why would I work with Layoff-Aid?

Get more offers, more quickly.

About Layoff-Aid Interviews

How does Layoff-Aid get great tech companies to accelerate their interview process?

We help companies access great candidates like you that they might otherwise miss. Since our hiring companies know you've been laid off and that they're competing against other firms from our networks, they know they have to move quickly to be able to hire you. Additionally, we're building special rewards for startups that hire from us frequently or that get to decision stage especially quickly.

Will working with Layoff-Aid be like working with a staffing firm?

No. We strive to eliminate any intermediaries that might slow your interview-to-offers process.

How is this better than applying to companies directly?

When you come through Layoff-Aid, our hiring partners know that you're an experienced, high quality candidate. Companies look to us specifically to fill openings when they're ready to hire. We also reward companies that hire from us repeatedly, which gives them an extra incentive to hire from us rather than from other channels.

Is Layoff-Aid better than getting an employee referral?

Often, yes. Even if you manage to get first interviews through referrals, the firm(s) you're finding on your own aren't as likely to have an accelerated interview track, which could cost you tens of thousands of dollars if a regular interview process takes months. At some point it makes sense to try all sorts of job search strategies, but we aim to be the best place to start, and we strive to be the only place you need to go.

How does the interview process begin?

Just become a Layoff-Aid candidate (applying takes just a minute!), and our network of partner companies will take a look at your profile and contact you directly if they think there may be a fit.