FAQ for Candidates

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About Layoff-Aid Process

How does Layoff-Aid for candidates work?

  1. Apply (takes just a minute!)
  2. We assign a personal talent advocate to advise you on your search and help tailor your resume/LinkedIn.
  3. We leverage our Layoff-Aid for Hiring network to look for great matches on your behalf
  4. We keep circling back with ideas, other networks, curveballs, and check-ins until you have moved on to your next chapter.

About Layoff-Aid Hiring Companies

Will you send my information to headhunters / staffing firms / placement agencies?

No. Layoff-Aid only shares your information with startup contacts, privately, after they have been approved to join our network. They are vetted to be sure they are hiring directly ("principals"), and have publicly posted opportunities that align with your interests.

What relationships do you have with Layoff-Aid for Hiring contacts?

We are personally in touch with startup founders, heads of recruiting, chiefs of staff, and hiring managers.

What are some specific examples of potential employers?

Clover, Loom, Skydio, Everlane, Stride Benefits, Kitty Hawk, Trim, and CarDash, to name a few. We're always adding more through Layoff-Aid for Hiring.

How do I know Layoff-Aid companies are good?

We screen each and every Hiring applicant, and we turn away many. No funding? No growth trajectory? Not hiring? No access to Layoff-Aid candidates!

Can you help me assess and mitigate my risk of getting laid off from my next job?

Yes. Start by reading "How to calculate the lurking layoff risk in your startup job offer"

Are Layoff-Aid companies able to sponsor visas?

Sometimes. We specifically ask job-seekers to disclose visa status so we can do everything we can to give priority status to your candidacy. We are all immigrants!

About Layoff-Aid Candidate Eligibility

Can you help me find a new position if I got fired / left / am employed / am otherwise not employed?

No, unfortunately. We're focused on SF candidates who have been downsized from tech startups and are actively considering new positions in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My startup got acquired, and the new parent company didn't hire me. Am I eligible?


I'm a strong candidate. Why would I apply to Layoff-Aid?

Personal guidance, a dedicated talent advocate, and incremental help finding the right fit.

About Layoff-Aid vs Other Job-Search Strategies

How is Layoff-Aid different from anything else out there?

We are the first and best candidate-first, tech-enabled service specifically dedicated to helping people affected by layoffs.

  • we'll continue actively searching for you until you find the right fit
  • we'll support you in any way that we can -- job search and beyond
  • we'll serve you even if that means taking a loss for your benefit

How does Layoff-Aid get great tech companies to sign up for Hiring?

We help companies hire great candidates like you that they might otherwise miss. Savvy recruiters find us online, and former candidates bring us in to their new places of employment if we're not already partners.

Will companies know I'm not working?

Yes, and that's a benefit of working with us. When your info comes from Layoff-Aid for Hiring, our startup contacts know that you've been vetted, and that they may have to move quickly to be able to hire you.

Will my inbox get overwhelmed by recruiters?

No. We strive to create a steady stream of highly-targeted interview opportunities for you through our private network, so you can spend more time preparing for interviews, going through each company's processes, and negotiating offers rather than searching for great opportunities or networking to get to first-round interviews.

Can I ask screen each potential opportunity? I am somewhat senior/picky and I'd really rather look at each potential role.

Yes. While screening each opportunity will slow down your process, you can let your Advocate know during your onboarding that you'd like to pre-clear each potential opportunity before we try to make any connections.

How does Layoff-Aid compare to cold applications directly to companies?

When you come through Layoff-Aid, you're taking advantage of our highly-targeted list of internal contacts. High-growth startups look to us for experienced, local, high quality candidates when they have a hard time managing candidate overflow from other sources. At the same time, we're here to help you before we help ourselves, so we support your efforts to apply to companies directly both in our network and beyond. Let's get some high-quality job leads!

How does Layoff-Aid compare to applying with a personal referral?

We're somewhat similar. If you have the time and energy to seek out personal referrals, you should definitely do that in parallel. We recommend trying to work with us too as a no-hassle channel to easily generate great high-quality job leads.

Any other post-layoff job-search strategies or general suggestions for me?

You betcha. Read the "First 4 things to do when you get laid off from your SF tech gig"

How can I learn more?

Reach out to Layoff-Aid on LinkedIn or @LayoffAid on Twitter, or email our team at candidate-support@Layoff-Aid.com

How can I get started?

Become a Layoff-Aid candidate (applying takes just a minute!), so our network of partner companies can review your profile and contact you directly if they agree there may be a fit.