FAQ for Downsizing

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What is Layoff-Aid for Downsizing?

We help SF Bay Area tech companies that are laying people off by providing next-generation outplacement services and world-class transition resources for people affected.

Why use Layoff-Aid for Downsizing?

Help alumni through their entire transition. If you're going to remain a going concern: improve your employee retention among those remaining, retain your ability to attract talent going forward, and do the right thing.

How will working with Layoff-Aid for Downsizing help my firm’s reputation?

Being able to talk internally about being thoughtful enough to take time to connect employees with Layoff-Aid is one of the best things you can do to show all employees -- past, present, and future -- that you care about your people and culture. Check out our blog for a little more on how to downsize with dignity and grace.

Why work with an outplacement partner?

Better than doing nothing, less time-consuming than trying to do referrals yourself, and perhaps most importantly, more effective at helping employees transition.

Who is eligible?

To summarize, we serve CEOs as well as HR / People / Operations Execs who help to run SF tech startups that are laying off multiple employees who will be losing their positions through no fault of their own.

What’s included?

The best-in-class transition package for SF tech talent: Expedited hiring from Layoff-Aid for Hiring’s proprietary network, LinkedIn/resume creation and guidance, career assistance from expert advocates, and exclusive Career development opportunities (teaching, bootcamps, etc).

Is working with you confidential?

Yes. We have never and will never be first to publicize layoffs that haven’t already been written up in credible, publicly-available sources such as TechCrunch, the Wall Street Journal, or WARN.

When is the right time to use Layoff-Aid for Downsizing?

Contact us confidentially as soon as you can. It's ideal to let employees know that Layoff-Aid is here to help, the moment they become alumni.

What if we’ve already contracted with a legacy outplacement service?

Double up! Simply tell your impacted employees about both services, and let them choose whatever they feel will suit them best. We don’t require an exclusive arrangement, and we may even save money for your firm if you pay your other provider per person.

How much does it cost?

Check out our Pricing or contact us for more info.

We're on board. Any suggestions for how to share Layoff-Aid with affected employees?

Of course. Something like: “We want to help you with next steps, so we'd like to let you know that Layoff-Aid.com is available to help you with your transition and whatever resources you may want. Whether that’s accelerated interviews at SF Bay Area companies specifically hiring people affected by layoffs, constructive criticism of your LinkedIn/resume/GitHub, or a real person who will advocate for you through your transition, it only takes a minute to get started. Contact their team today, or whenever you would like.”

Can someone answer additional questions?

Of course. Confidentially email our team at company-support@Layoff-Aid.com. We’d love to connect.