FAQ for Hiring

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About Layoff-Aid Process

How does Layoff-Aid for Hiring work?

Layoff-Aid emails you a personalized candidate alert once per week, sending you targeted matches to your current opportunities. Sign up for Layoff-Aid for Hiring (applying takes just a few seconds!) to start receiving great SF tech candidates you might otherwise miss.

About Layoff-Aid Candidates

How do we know Layoff-Aid candidates are good?

Our candidates have recent work experience at VC-backed tech startups that have rigorous and competitive hiring standards.  Additionally, they’ve been screened for our eligibility requirements and they wouldn’t otherwise be open to new opportunities if it weren’t for a stroke of bad luck.  When a company chooses to lay off employees, the selection methodology is unrelated to job performance.  Some of the most common ways companies pick who gets laid off include employees who:

  • are randomly selected (an acknowledgement that layoffs are not performance-related)
  • get paid well (a desperate cost-cutting measure)
  • got hired most recently (an attempt to reward more tenured employees)

Have these candidates been fired?

No.  We Googled "layoffs versus firing" and came up with the following from Susan P. Joyce on Job-Hunt.org:

Being laid off is NOT the same as being fired because it is not considered to be the fault of the employee. It is, actually, the fault of the employer. A layoff is often called a "reduction in force" or "down-sizing." ... This is often the reason that more highly-paid employees seem to be on the layoff candidate list.

Are Layoff-Aid candidates able to work in San Francisco?  Open to new opportunities? Highly recommended?

Yes, yes, and yes.  Our candidates are among the most sought-after in the world and they’re open to new opportunities simply because their most recent employer has down-sized.

Can you help us hire in San Francisco? Mountain View? Sunnyvale? Palo Alto? Oakland? Lost Angeles? What about New York City, Boston, Chicago, or Austin?

As we get started, we’re focused exclusively in San Francisco Bay Area. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to be first to know when we expand.

So no relocation packages, no wasted time chasing candidates who aren’t looking, and no candidates who’ve been fired?

Correct, correct, correct.  Savvy recruiters have been “chasing” laid-off candidates for ages, and we are just making that process easier.

Will Layoff-Aid help my growing startup find engineers? Growth hackers? Office managers?

Probably.  We won’t say “hopefully,” because we hope layoffs stop happening. Until then, we'll be here to help you get first crack at talented candidates.

Any sneak peaks into what candidates might show up?

We expect to see candidates to become available sporadically, in batches.

What types of startups do layoffs?

Looking at H1 2017 data here in San Francisco, we’ve seen layoffs at selective VC-backed startups in various industries and sizes like Zenefits, Disqus, GREE, NerdWallet, Munchery, and Zozi. Future candidates will come from similarly dynamic startups.

Can we choose to only engage with engineers / Product Managers / Marketers from mid-sized companies with 1 / 5 / 10 years of experience?

Yes. You only contact the candidates that you agree might be a fit for a current opportunity that you're trying to fill.

About Layoff-Aid Interviews

How can we begin an interview process with a strong candidate?

Easy.  Just check your email once per week, pick the candidates you want to speak with, and recruit them directly.

Will candidates get my contact information or apply to me directly?

No.  While we may in some circumstances share the names of the companies in our network, we will never send candidates your direct email info.  We respect your privacy and we understand that founders, hiring managers, and recruiters are quite busy!

Will working with Layoff-Aid be like working with a staffing firm?

No.  We’re trying to avoid things that might slow the process down, like obscuring names, requiring upfront contractual obligations, and inserting ourselves into the scheduling process. If you want contracts or help with scheduling, we'll do our best. Please contact us.

What are the benefits of getting Layoff-Aid candidates to decision stage as quickly as possible?

First and foremost, you'll improve your ability to sign talent. Longer-term, Layoff-Aid will reward firms that hire often and hire quickly.

Can you suggest best practices for reaching out to candidates?

Sure! Why not?  We are happy to get you started with this draft series of potential emails for you to use if that might help.