Help people affected by layoffs.

A different approach and a new win-win-win talent marketplace.

What are layoffs? They're systematic. Many startups fail, hit bumps in the road, or restructure, and the fallout is inefficient. For companies that are downsizing, there's wasted time making referrals or wasted money paying for outplacement. For startups that are hiring, there are missed opportunities for talent acquisition. For talent that gets caught in the crossfire, there can be wasted time searching for the next challenge, and unnecessary challenges as part of the transition.

After getting downsized by a dynamic VC-backed tech startup in San Francisco, Adam spotted an opportunity to bring order to chaos, and help firms that are downsizing, firms that are hiring, and talent that is back on the market, all at the same time. Savvy SF startups were going out of their way to chase contact info for him and for his former coworkers. His former employer was incredibly gracious in making connections on their behalf, but their networks only went so far. Firms that are downsizing want to help people affected, both because it's the right thing to do, and because it's good for employee retention and morale going forward. The community loves to pull together when these things happen, but doesn't know how.

Why can't the dozens of Bay Area firms that downsize each year have a dedicated resource to help former employees with next steps? Why can't eager startups that are hiring get better access to top talent, so they don't lose candidates to competitors? And perhaps most importantly, why can't affected talent have unprecedented access to a proprietary talent network and expert advocates?

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