Help people affected by layoffs.

Re-imagine the unemployment office as a Silicon Valley startup...

After getting laid off from a dynamic VC-backed tech startup in San Francisco, Adam found that his friends, family and former coworkers were incredibly gracious in making introductions, and that the unemployment office was somewhat helpful. Nonetheless, the job search still felt more time-consuming than it needs to be.

Savvy SF startups were going out of their way to chase contact info for Adam and for his former coworkers. And, the unemployment office provided useful services, but did not fully leverage modern technology for the benefit of job-seekers.

Wouldn’t laid-off candidates be better off if they could easily get in front of eager hiring teams, so they can find new employers more quickly and easily than ever before? On the hiring side, wouldn't employers who are competing for top talent be able to benefit from easier access to great, local, newly-available candidates?

Enter Layoff-Aid. We are proud to connect great San Francisco tech talent unexpectedly affected by down-sizing with growing SF tech firms which don't just say they're dynamic, but can also show it as part of their recruitment process.

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